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The Spread Factor



Sex Linked



Single mutation (not part of a series)

Known Linkages

Recessive Opal, Pattern Series

Similar Factors


Interacts with

Darkening Factors, Recessive Red, Indigo

The spread factor causes the colour usually found in the tail bar (the smooth spread pigment) to be spread across the whole pigeon. This results is solid (self) coloured pigeons of the specified base colour. Spread hides the pattern on most pigeons, though how well it covers the pattern areas sometimes depends on the modifiers (Darkening Factors) that occur at the same time.

Ash-Red Spread interactions[]

Note that ash-red pigeons have a tail bar that is Ash in colour. This means that spread ash birds are very light. Spread does not hide pattern in ash-red birds as well as it does on the other base colours. Darker areas are often seen on the wing shields of these birds.

Breeder Terminology[]

  • Spread Blue is called black
  • Spread Brown is called self brown
  • Spread Ash-red (sometimes shortened to spread ash) is often called lavender by breeders of certain breeds, though the term is also used for certain milky phenotypes.